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How do I subscribe to Autozilla ?

Please leave a request for demo on the Autozilla website. Someone from our team shall get in touch with you and explain the product. You can also call our CC executive on the number given on the contact page.

Can a customer pay online through Autozilla?

We are soon integrating our platform with a payment gateway system. We shall update our site you as soon as the platform goes live.

Can a GST invoice be generated on the platform?

Yes Autozilla point of sales interface is capable of generating a GST invoice.

Does Autozilla sell its own parts like a distributor?

No, Autozilla is just a marketplace where it brings all buyers and sellers on a single platform.

How will the delivery of parts happen?

Autozilla is tying up with many  delivery partners ( Local and Outstation) who can deliver the parts to you at nominal charges. Also in some cases, the seller can also arrange to deliver the parts to you at a very reasonable cost. Just select the delivery option while placing the order and parts will be handed over to you  at your doorstep.

What are the charges for part delivery?

Cost of delivery of parts as charged by the delivery partner is dependent on the following factors

  a. Wight and volume of the consignment
  b. Distance between the seller and buyer

Hence of cost of delivery may vary from consignment to consignment. But our endeavour will be to ensure that you get the best rates from our delivery partners.

Can I place orders for parts online to my distributor/ retailer

Yes, you can place orders and track them online if your seller also has an Autozilla platform.

How can i digitise my product catalogs on Autozilla?

Once you sign up with us, you need to provide us with high resolution pictures of the parts with parts names, part number and fitment details to our backend team. Our backend team shall process the information and upload it on the platform.

What are the catalog digitisation charges?

Catalog digitisation charges will as per those given in the table in the pricing page.

Are parts of premium foreign brands available on the platform?

Yes, we have tie up with Parts’ suppliers of premium brands. You can buy them at competitive rates.

Will i get genuine Spare parts on the platform?

We are tying up with channel partners of leading brands for selling parts on the platform. Our procurement team ensures that parts sold on the platform conform to quality standards.

How do you provide Customer support ?

Please get in touch with us on support@autozilla.co online  or  call 7673937674. Our customer service team who are highly knowledgeable Autoparts experts will be happy to resolve your queries.

Do i need to buy any other accounting platform like Tally or SAP ?

Autozilla is an all in one platform which can give you all accounting related reports.

Can you integrate Autozilla with our existing accounting systems?

Yes, we can integrate on a case to case basis.

How can I return the parts in case of damage or wrong fitment?

You can place a request for return of parts on the platform. Your supplier will arrange to replace the part or refund the amount in form of a credit note.

Is my Data Secure on the Platform?

Our data is hosted on AWS ( Amazon Web Services) which is one of the most secure cloud platforms

How much do software upgrades cost?

We regularly update our application based on customer feedback. However if you need any kind of customisations, pls get in touch with us. Our team shall provide you the most cost effective solution.

Is there any hardware you provide ?

No we do not provide any hardware.

What kind of operating systems support Autozilla ?

Autozilla works on all operating systems like Windows and IOS.

What is the cost for support?

Support is included in the software subscription, giving you access to real employees via phone, email.

I have multiple offices. Can i handle my business centrally from a single location?

Since Autozilla is a cloud based service you can handle your multiple locations centrally. You may have to buy separate subscriptions for each location.

How is autozilla different from Tally or other softwares in the market?

Following are the benefits of Autozilla over  other softwares which are there in the market

a. Autozilla is a cloud based software exclusively built to solve problems faced by auto spare parts sellers. 

b. There is no need to take backup of your data on Autozilla. All your data is stored securely on our cloud platform. You can retrieve the data whenever you want.

c. We constantly process and digitise auto parts’ catalogs. Autozilla provides you accurate part fitment information which minimises the chances of part returns and leaves your customer happy and satisfied.

d. Once you are listed on our platform, buyers can come on the platform and buy products from you online which no other B2B platform is able to do.

Are Parts of other segments like Two wheelers , three wheelers, LCV/ HCV also available on the platform ?

Currently we are listing parts of the passenger car segment, but we will soon be listing parts of other segments of automobiles as well.

Can I advertise/promote my products on the platform?

Yes, You can promote your products on the platform. We charge a very nominal fee for doing so. Please refer to the pricing page for the charges.

Can I sell products outside my city or state ?

Yes, Buyers from all over India can view your products and buy them. Our delivery partners have the capability to ship the products to all parts of the country.

What is the information required at the time of subscription ?

We need the following information to onboard you

1. Name of the firm
2. Name of the Owner 
3. Copy of GST certificate
4. Bank Account details
5. Email ID
6. Mobile number

Is SMS feature part of the subscription fee ?

We provide 500 SMS as a part of the welcome offer. You will need to buy additional SMS packs to avail the SMS service.

Can the customer pay online ?

Yes Autozilla has its own payment gateway through which the customer can pay online.

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