More time on the road.
Less in the garage.

Autozilla for Fleets

Turnaround Time (TaT) you never imagined

Part availability across major cities of the country

Our strategic tie ups with manufacturers and suppliers ensure right part availability will never be a problem. Just search, select the right part and we will ensure that it reaches you in time.

High quality OES / OEM parts

We tie up with only reputed brands offering highest quality at the best possible rates. This ensures you have a part to suit your need and pricing.

Minimum price variation across the country

Our corporate tie ups ensure that you get a reliable price for a similar part across the country. We make sure that you are spending well within your budgets.

Are you ready for the new age transformation?

Remember 20% of your customers are responsible for 80% of your growth

Better reputation means
better business

Autozilla is empowering spares businesses. By enabling digitisation of the highly fragmented auto aftermarket service providers, expect fewer supply chain bottlenecks, transparent pricing and happy customers.

Deliver a ‘wow’ experience

Spare part buyers want a hassle free solution to buy parts. With a cloud platform, modern designs, multiple ways to search, make & model verification, right fitment information and digital OES catalogs, we have the secret success formula for you!

Rekindle your passion

Remember, after all, why you started your business. Rediscover your passion for growth with the most modern technology and remain ahead of others. Transform your business for your next generation and enable their success.

Ready to get started? Schedule a 60 minute demo to see how Autozilla can transform your business.

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